Accelerating Change Programmes

Seeking the approaches that enable faster change in the complex world of health and social care


Throughout most of the process of change a certain amount of faith, courage, intuition, judgement, and proceeding forward on incomplete evidence is inevitable. Paul Plsek (2013)

Can you relate to this approach? And the impact on the pace of change? I can, however my training in project and programme management seems at odds with this and I’ve struggled to find a way through this apparent conflict. Over the past few years I’ve made lots of progress understanding the things that accelerate change, but I know I have some way to go.

About Me

My name is Steve Sewell. I’m married, with a son and daughter. I live in a small village near Penrith, Cumbria in the UK. Steve SewellI originally trained as an engineer and following redundancy, found myself in management within the National Health Service, where I have worked for the past 25 years. During that time, I’ve undertaken some operational roles, however most of my roles have been in project, programme or change management. Now I have a role leading large scale change in health and social care organisations. These are complex environments!

About the Blog

This blog is about accelerating change and what helps to enable this and my frustrations with my profession and it’s ability to slow change down. This is my continuing journey to make sense of how best to accelerating change programmes, and connect this with project and programme management approaches and professionals. The setting for the stories is the complex world of health and social care in the UK, but it should resonate with those involved in change that is largely about people.

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