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Acceleration Enablers

As part of a review of 5 programmes, seven enablers of acceleration were identified in periods of sustained acceleration. These are the driver for this blog and should be seen as a starting point rather than a destination. The seven enablers are as follows:

  1. Devolved decisions making with clear roles and responsibilities – the delegation of decision making to a large operational delivery group, made up of a diverse group of people from front line services taking ownership for the delivery of changes.
  2. Strong Operational Relationships – need to be developed and maintained
    and time put aside within the large operational delivery group to allow this. This process is supported by a coordination role.
  3. Strong Operational Vision – supported by patient/people narratives to aid the development and adaption of the vision owned by the large operational group.
  4. Clear Programme Outcomes – small number of outcomes that the large
    operational delivery group focus on and feed the intrinsic motivation associated with ‘want to’ driven change. Supported by both data and patient/people narratives.
  5. Sufficient resources with a balance between local operational and
    programme management – balancing the discipline of a programme
    management framework with the agility required to ‘make it happen’ operationally. Too much of one, hampers acceleration.
  6. Co-ordination Role focused on vision and outcomes rather than
    organisation – supporting the relationships, vision and engagement of key
    partners. If focused on vision and outcomes, then this role doesn’t need to be undertaken by someone independent of the partner organisations.
  7. Flexible Plan with Key Milestones – with high levels of flexibility in detailed activity planning, but with fixed milestones that move rarely. Lots of detailed planning at the beginning aids the agility required through plan execution.

March 2015

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